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WiseSafety focuses on Safety and Security innovation in buildings, facilities and event venues.

Composed of a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in national and international projects, WiseSafety guarantees the execution of safety and security engineering services with the highest levels of technical knowledge and with the scrupulous fulfillment of all legal requirements.
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WiseSafety is a results-oriented company. We share professional experiences with our clients and invest on high technical competence of our teams and permanent innovation in all work carried out.



WiseSafety technical team is present during the whole process, from the evaluation of the existing situation, through the elaboration of the Safety management model and execution methodologies, and finally the implementation of all necessary actions.
Elaboration and Implementation of buldings Fire Safety Plans
Development and implementation of Fire Safety Plans in order to comply with the legal requirements in the field of Fire Safety in Buildings (Autoprotections Plans). The Plans take into account the particularities of the building, as well as the identification of corrective and compensatory measures, in response to the identified non-conformities .
Maintenance of Building Self-Protection Measures
Execution of periodic actions in the scope of maintenance and Self-Protection Measures update. It comprises the evaluation of existing measures and procedures for the definition of the safety management model and the measures to be implemented from time to time in accordance with legal requirements.
Elaboration of Fire Safety Projects for new or existing buildings
Elaboration of Fire Safety Projects for new or existing buildings, regardless of the Risk Category. For existing buildings it may be necessary to identify corrective and compensatory measures, taking into account the complexity and cost of implementing some of the currently required fire safety measures.
Event Safety Plans
The elaboration of an Event Safety Plan includes the development of various planning and training actions for the event's security teams, including assembly and disassembly phases. Crowd Management and the interconnection procedures between the event promoter and the official entities are also included in the Event Safety Plan.
Fire Safety Inspections and Audits
Technical verification of all building spaces regarding to Fire Safety compliance. The final report is based not only on legal technical requirements, but also on best practices in sectors of activity identical to the one in question.
Information, Communication and Training
Planning and development of actions related to information, communication and training to all participants in the Safety and/or Security Plans, adapted to the target and according to the different roles and responsibilities. Elaboration of operational documents (Pocket Guides), brochures and support equipment, within the scope of Safety and Security buildings, facilities and events: www.prosafe.pt
ANPC Inspections
Preparation and accompaniment of the National Authority for Civil Protection (ANPC) Regular Inspection. Provision of a computer application for the organization and management of all necessary documentation to be submitted to the ANPC during the Inspection days. Planning and monitoring the implementation of corrective measures and recommendations identified in the final inspection report.
Safety Records
Evaluation and definition of the organization model and management of Safety Records. Provision of a computer application developed to allow the creation, consultation and monitoring of Security Records, so that they can be easily audited in the regular ANPC inspections. The application also allows managing the Facility Management of one or several buildings. This App is also available for mobile devices.
Civil Protection Plans
Elaboration and implementation of Civil Protection Plans, including Municipal Emergency Plans, External Emergency Plans and Special Risks Emergency Plans (ex: historic urban centers, fire risk, among others). Preparation of Prior Intervention Plans and elaboration of risk mapping in geographic information system (GIS).


Questioning the actions implemented in a daily basis

WiseSafety is committed to promoting the provision of safety and security engineering services with the highest levels of knowledge by developing the intellectual capital of organizations, in a permanent search for the best solutions and best practices.
To be a leader in Safety and Security innovation (buildings, facilities and events). To be a leader in this area, supporting a group of professionals with enormous national and international experience and working in partnership with companies of great human capacity and enormous technical potential. Professionals and companies ready to accept exciting new challenges.
Our team has increased responsibilities in creating and consolidating WiseSafety's identity through the affirmation and transmission of its values and technical experience:
• Results orientation
• Value creation
• Sharing knowledge and professional experiences
• Technical competence
• Permanent innovation in all the works carried out
ProSafe tool


The ProSafe application was created by WiseSafety and a technical team that, since 2007, has developed several applications in the security field.


  • "... professionalism, technical knowledge and permanent availability ..."

    Professionalism, technical knowledge and permanent availability are some of the characteristics of Eng. Carlos Nogueira, with whom I have enjoyed working for several years and in several projects always with the best results, being objectively a great value for any organization
    J.Paradela, Operations & Security Director
    Freeport, Via Outlets
  • "... we count on the support and professionalism of WiseSafety since the first hour ..."

    CCB (Centro Cultural de Belém) counts with the support and professionalism of WiseSafety, from the first hour. Professionalism and support, today, means Trust, Time and Efficacy. It is a privilege to count on the experience, technical ability and qualification of this team. For demanding customers like us who always look for the best security with the means available, we have always found WiseSafety the best and the most innovative guidance.
    T. Bouças, Coordenação de Segurança
  • "... the WiseSafety team plays an extremely important role in the Atrium Saldanha building ..."

    The team led by Engineer Carlos Nogueira had and continues to play an extremely important role in Atrium Saldanha, namely in supporting the training of our internal teams and the firms present in the building, allowing us to alert and prepare eventual emergency response actions .
    V. Oliveira - Direção Comercial
    Atrium Saldanha
  • ... since the beginning of its activity, that WiseSafety is one of the partners of Vodafone Portugal ...

    WiseSafety is one of Vodafone Portugal's partners, since the beginning of its activity...

    WiseSafety is formed by a team with a lot of experience in Fire Safety in Buildings, always showing a high degree of professionalism, rigor and technical competence.
    L. Ameixa - Infrastructures Engineer, Hard Facilities Maintenance
    Vodafone Portugal
  • "... high levels of professionalism, rigor and dedication ..."

    WiseSafety always demonstrates high levels of professionalism, rigor and dedication, making it one of the strategic partners in pursuit of the safety objectives set for Banco Atlântico Europa.
    V. Esteves, Security Area
    ATLANTICO Europa
  • "... WiseSafety has made a transformation in the way we deal with legal obligations at the level of Self-Protection Measures ..."

    "Over the last few years, we have developed a working partnership with WiseSafety, which has made a change in how we dealt with legal obligations in terms of Self-Protection Measures.

    It was a very constructive, systematic work and constant learning, always focused on the simplification of processes and its adaptation to NOS environment."
    D. Salgueiro - Workplace & Facilities Manager
    NOS Comunicações
  • "... proactive, professional and innovative response to our day-to-day safety concerns and needs ..."

    Our partnership with WiseSafety, in particular through self-protection measures training and advice, has enabled us to have a proactive, professional and innovative response to our day-to-day safety concerns and needs
    R. Xavier - Director do Centro Comercial
    Dolce Vita


At WiseSafety, we are ready to address all your challenges and concerns in the field of Security.
For this reason, we will be happy to answer any questions or topics of your interest.
Ask us a proposal already, without any kind of commitment or obligation.

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